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Steven Universe Recap: What’s Your Problem | The Mary Sue – Steven Universe Recap: What’s Your Problem.

Garnet, Peridot, and Lapis. Wrapping all of that up in one run of episodes is an extremely tall order,

Steven Universe – what time is it on TV? Cast list and.

– Find out when Steven Universe is on TV, including Ocean Gem/Mirror Gem/Joking Victim. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview,

a Gem named Lapis Lazuli.

12/17/2016  · Steven Universe – Jasper & Lapis Lazuli Gem Fusion Malachite (Clip) Jail Break

Studios’ Steven Universe line of comic books,

This issue follows Peridot and Lapis turning the corn fields in front of their barn into a corn maze.

". . . and not only did the Meepmorp we were making blow up, but it almost hurt Lapis! And even worse, G/n believes I have feelings for Lapis. She always has that smug face when I’m around Lapis.

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